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We’re bringing the authentic and delicious taste of Japan’s yakiniku to the streets! Our mission is simple: to revolutionize the eating and drinking experience by providing a unique twist on traditional Japanese cuisine. Our focus is on making Wagyu beef into street food, presenting it in a new and exciting way that’s sure to tantalize the taste buds of our customers.

Let’s transmit the Japan’s yakiniku culture to the world together!

Unlocking Franchise Success: The Strengths of Wagyu Street

Quality Ingredients - Delivering Premium Wagyu Beef

Wagyu Street benefits from its affiliation with Gyushige, a specialized yakiniku (Japanese barbecue) franchise, operates and supports over 160 restaurants in Japan, Asia and US.This connection allows Wagyu Street to offer high-quality products, including premium Japanese beef (Wagyu) and original yakiniku sauces.

Cost-Effective Model-Efficient and Profitable Approach

By adopting a quick-service format, Wagyu Street eliminates the need for servers, thereby enhancing profitability. Additionally, compared to traditional table-service yakiniku restaurants, Wagyu Street significantly reduces initial investment costs, leading to shorter payback periods and reduced risk.

Streamlined Operation - Simplified Management for Expansion

Wagyu Street’s focused menu and simplified operational package ease management burdens. This efficiency opens up possibilities for multi-location expansion.

We are expanding

There are 157 locations in Japan and it’s one of the popular Yakiniku Brands.

As of June 2024, Gyushige Group operates in 4 countries and territories.

Franchise Contract Flow


Submit Entry Form, explain about the Gyushige Franchise System

Interview with Owner

Visit stores in Japan, tasting, and interview with HQ. Participants agree with Gyushige's philosophy and confirm intention to become a franchisee.

Conclusion of LOI

Conclusion of the Letter of Intent (Basic Agreement of Franchise)

Conclusion of FA

Conclusion of Franchise Agreement (Formal Agreement)

Property Contract

Property development, property contract

Store Design

Establishment of a store construction plan, drawing up a layout, and planning up to the opening


Application for a final layout, and proceed to construction as soon as a permit is obtained

Product / Menu

Adjustment of menu products and confirmation of menu items


Cooking training and customer service training in Japan

Opening Preparation

We dispatch opening staff before and after opening to support smooth store operation


Daily, monthly data management, monthly meetings, store management support by SV

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